At SaraLua Designs we believe that jewelry, clothing and accessories are more than just something you wear. They should inspire your individuality, be made from stuff thats good for the planet, and encourage you to live free.

Our pieces are designed with love and made by the hands of people we know. We live our motto to be our best, serve the greater good and to make sure we rock out every chance we get.

The Team

Sara Lua Agah - owner/designer

As both designer and Emergency Room Nurse, I know what its like to live a life and work a job that requires dedication and love. I want my designs to remind you why you do it, inspire you to be your best, and keep you looking amazing. xoxo, Sara Agah

Niluh Sukadana & Kadek Sukadana - makers

We feel pretty lucky to have this awesome husband and wife team, a part of the SaraLua family. Living in Bali, they help create many of the beautiful pieces you see in our collections. We are so proud to have them working with us. Their work helps support their 5 year old son, and extended family.

Ali Nieman - admin coordinator / maker

Ali wears a number of hats, including mother of 2, lab & x-ray technician and SaraLua extraordinaire.

Living in Saskatoon, Ali helps keep it all together. She is the smiling face behind the emails and sending you your precious pieces. 

Nicole Eccles Mathis - writer

Nicole has joined the SaraLua family as a regular writer on our blog. Living in the Bay Area of California, she is an incredible yoga teacher, mother of 3, and a motivating leader in her community. Her words inspire us and we are grateful to be able to share them with you.

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